Go Ultra OTC hearing aids are the next-generation of Go Hearing’s device range, and the first behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid! The Go Ultra will still offer the same rechargeable batteries that you expect from Go Hearing, along with full streaming capabilities for phone calls, music, and media! 


Go Ultra OTC hearing aids are rechargeable, BTE hearing aids that offer the ultimate experience in convenient hearing aid technology. The devices are  designed to assist people over the age of 18 with perceived mild-to-moderate hearing loss, with added features such as streaming capabilities.

These first-generation BTE devices from Go Hearing still offers a compact and discreet hearing aid experience while packing a suite of new features. Users will be able to stream music, media, and phone calls directly through their hearing aids, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. 

They also offers enhanced listening features for clearer and more natural day-to-day hearing as well as 4 pre-set programs for you to choose from, according to your unique hearing profile. Additionally, digital audio processing is deployed for an enhanced sound experience.

As with all other Go Hearing devices, the Go Ultra is rechargeable and offers up to 20 hours of usage time on a single charge, which might be impacted by prolonged streaming. This exciting new addition also comes with an included carry case that doubles as a charging case as well which can charge your hearing aids a further 2-3 times per single charge!

A staple in our range of hearing aids is noise reduction and feedback cancellation, with adjustable volume control. Furthermore, the hearing aids will remember which volume settings and programs you used the last time, and automatically use those same settings when switched on. 

Tips and Tricks

Streaming with the Go Ultra hearing aids

Stream phone calls, music, and media directly from your phone/tablet to your hearing aids via Bluetooth; no app is required. Streaming phone calls directly to your Go Ultra hearing aids has the advantage of hearing your caller in both ears instead of one, with the potential to increase audibility, making it easier for you to follow the conversation. 

How to connect your hearing aids to your smartphone: 

  • Ensure your hearing aids are fully charged and switched on before pairing them with your phone/tablet.
  • Select the Bluetooth setting on your phone to “Pair New Device”.
  • Select “Go Ultra” on your smartphone to pair/connect to the Bluetooth of your phone. Accept any prompts given by your phone regarding the Bluetooth connection. Once connected, you will hear a voice prompt say “CONNECTED”. Once disconnected, you will hear a voice prompt say “DISCONNECTED”.

Listen to phone calls via streaming

  • To answer incoming calls quickly press and release Switch B on the back of your hearing aid.
  • To reject incoming calls, press and hold Switch B.
  • To end a call, press and hold Switch B during the phone call.

Tips for streaming phone calls

  • To make or receive a call, use your phone as you normally would from the screen on your phone.
  • For optimal reception ensure your phone is in close proximity to your hearing aids, no further than 3 feet.
  • Adjusting the volume using the controls on your hearing aids or phone, will simultaneously change the volume of both devices together as well as your phone. 

Listening to Music/Media via streaming 

  • Play, pause or stop the music/media via your mobile or tablet as you normally would.
  • Adjusting the volume using the controls on your hearing aids or phone/tablet, will simultaneously change the volume of both devices together as well as your phone/tablet.
  • Switching your hearing aids off whilst streaming will pause the music/media you are listening to.  

Talking on a phone without streaming

  1. When using a phone to make a call, try to reduce the amount of background noise around you. 
  2. If your phone has a volume control, increase the volume to a comfortable level. Alternatively, you can increase the volume on your hearing aid to a comfortable level. 
  3. Tilt the phone’s receiver edge slightly over the ear so that the sound can flow directly into the hearing aid’s microphone.
  4. If you are speaking on a cellphone, you can also consider putting it on loudspeaker. Hold it close to your hearing aid if necessary.

How to charge your Go Ultra hearing aids

  • The charging cable can connect to any USB power source to charge the charging case. 
  • Insert Port B of the charging cable into the bottom of the charging case and Port A to a USB power source. 
  • The hearing aids will charge automatically when placed inside the charging case. No need to switch the charging case on by pressing the power on button. 
  • No need to power off the charging case when a full charge has been reached. The charging case will automatically go into low power consumption mode once fully charged.
  • To fully charge the hearing aids and/or charging case takes 3 hours respectively. The charging case and hearing aids can be charged simultaneously. A fully charged charging case can charge the devices up to 3 times. 

Why choose Go Hearing?

Go Ultra hearing aids are a great option if you’re looking for a hearing aid that is suited to your lifestyle. Go Ultra hearing aids arrive ready to wear and can last up to 20 hours with each charge. With customizable buds, they ensure a snug, comfortable fit for most ears. The rechargeable charging case is a convenient way to keep your Go Ultra hearing aids charged while you are on-the-go! 

Get your Go Ultra hearing aids here or by phoning (302) 754-3190 and speak to a Go Hearing product expert.
Written by Robert De Wit

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