Can Loud Music Cause Hearing Loss?

Marcelle Swanepoel
Loud music can form part of many social events and create a fun atmosphere. But, can loud music cause hearing loss?

Common Causes for Clogged Ears

Robert De Wit
The causes for clogged ears could vary from something small such as a wax build-up or something more sinister. Find out more about common causes for clogged ears.

Behind-the-ear vs. In-the-ear Hearing Aids

Robert De Wit
Before making a choice between a behind-the-ear (BTE) or in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid, it will help to understand what makes them different and how your listening experience compares. Read on to find out more.

Audio Streaming For Hearing Aids

Robert De Wit
Audio streaming is likely something you have heard, whether it be in conversation or somewhere online, and is one of the latest advancements in hearing aids.