Interested in a more budget-friendly option?

Go Lite OTC Hearing Aids boasts many of the same features but is better suited to small groups or for watching TV.

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Go Hearing Dehumidifier



Drying jar.
3 x Blister packs of drying capsules

Go Hearing Accessories kit



4 Small domes. 4 Medium domes. 4 Large domes. 8 Wax guards. 1 Brush. 1 Screwdriver. 3 Blister packs of drying capsules


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Try Go hearing aids for 45 days and if you’re not fully satisfied with the experience, return them for a full refund.

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1-year warranty

Light. Comfy. Discreet.

Fits snugly into the ear canal.


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Above view of the Go Prime charging case and cable.

Charging Time

Hearing aid

2-3 hrs

Charge case

2-3 hrs

The Go Prime charging case and cable.

Working Time

Hearing aid

Up to 30 hrs

Charge case

Up to 6 charges

Why are Go OTC hearing aids so affordable?

There’s no middleman, you get your hearing aids directly from us.


Ready to Wear

Simply put your pre-assembled OTC hearing aids in your ears and use the controls to easily adjust settings to start hearing better in no time.

A video of Go Prime hearing aids rotating around the Go Prime charging case.



Use your charging case to charge your OTC hearing aids up to six times and enjoy up to 30 hours of quality hearing per charge.

Created For Comfort

Focus effortlessly on the sounds around you with in-the-ear OTC hearing aids and customizable buds that form the perfect fit.

Size Matters

Experience powerful tech wrapped in a tiny package with our small, discreet OTC hearing aids that don’t compromise on quality of sound or style.

No Strings Attached

Don’t worry about your eyewear, masks, or hair getting hooked with our seamless OTC hearing aid that doesn’t have any tubes or wires.