About Us


Our Mission

We believe in putting customers first, and putting them in the driver's seat of their hearing care. By developing smart technology, we provide quality hearing aids at a value price, with expert care and support.


Our Story

We are a vision-led, value-driven company chasing impact. Our core values are people-first, quality innovation and trust. We achieve these values by providing affordable access to hearing care, using smart digital health solutions that anyone can use, anywhere.

Go Hearing was founded in 2022 as a solution to provide affordable, high-quality hearing solutions to people, and forms part of the hearX USA family. hearX has been providing hearing solutions to over 191 countries worldwide for more than 7 years. 

What Makes Us Different

Go Hearing is changing the way people with hearing difficulty can interact with the world. By providing an affordable and on-the-go solution to advanced hearing aids, we're removing price as a barrier, so that it's easier for a person with hearing loss to take that first step toward better hearing, risk free.

Our Purpose

It has been projected that nearly 2.5 billion people globally will have some degree of hearing loss by 2050, and that over 700 million people will have permanent, disabling hearing loss. The negative impact of unaddressed hearing loss is often associated with depression and anxiety due to social isolation and loneliness; cognitive developmental delays or decline which reduce performance at school or in the workplace; fatigue and other difficulties.

Many people are noticing that their hearing is declining, which causes them to miss out on conversations and everyday sounds in life. Go Hearing was launched as an on-the-go, ready to use hearing aid to give users all the sounds that they’ve started missing out on. All of this, at a truly affordable price.

Changing The Face of Online Hearing Aids

There are many new brands entering the market, most of which are low quality and do not offer support , which has resulted in a bad reputation for online hearing aids. Go Hearing is backed by years of research and development to offer a quality product, with access to all the support a customer needs.

Traditionally, people with hearing loss had to go to the doctor to get hearing aids at an average cost of $4,400 per pair. In addition, research shows that it takes a person with hearing loss about seven years to find a solution, because of the price, stigma around hearing loss and the inaccessibility. Go Hearing has introduced a way for people to get access to affordable hearing aids without having to visit the doctor. Now they can just buy the hearing aids online, get them delivered to their door, and start using them immediately.