Since the introduction of OTC hearing aids in October, 2022, there has been a surge of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids that are available. It can be difficult, then, to know which hearing aids are best suited for you. We have put together a handy guide on which are the best hearing aids of 2023 so far.

Go Hearing

Go Hearing offers some of the best features at its price point to ensure that you get the best audio quality possible at an affordable price. With a range of completely-in-canal (CIC) devices, and the newly introduced Go Ultra behind-the-ear (BTE) device featuring music and phone call streaming, Go Hearing has something for everyone without breaking the bank. 

Go Hearing devices are fully rechargeable, offering 20 hours of battery life with an included charging case for convenient, on-the-go charging. Simplicity is also key to Go Hearing, with everything being adjusted on the devices themselves.

Pricing: $199 - $499

Lexie Hearing

Lexie Hearing offers a range of self-fitting OTC hearing aids that allow you to customize your hearing aids to suit your unique hearing needs. Customization happens on the world-class Lexie app, where you can take the in-app hearing test and sync the settings directly to hearing aids (Lexie Lumen only). 

Lexie Hearing also parterned with audio giant Bose to create a range of hearing aids that offer incredible sound quality along with phenomenal customization. The Lexie B2 self-fitting OTC hearing aids are the top of the Lexie range, offering wearers a rechargable hearing aid that also streams phone calls for iPhoneⓇ for enhanced convenience. 

Lexie Hearing is also the only the hearing aid manufacturer that offers a unique rewards program titled Lexie Rewards, that rewards users for simply wearing their hearing aids. These rewards can be exchanged for discounts on monthly subscription payments, or used to purchased Lexie accessories. All devices are also compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. 

Pricing: $799 - $999

Lucid Hearing

Specifically, the Lucid Engage BTE hearing aids are a great choice. They offer natural sound as the speaker is placed inside the ear, and users can choose between a rechargeable or a disposable battery option. 

Users can also pair the Lucid Engage to an accompanying app to customize their hearing aids, and it offers streaming for both iOS and Android devices. However, you have to order your device specifically to either iOS or Android, so it is not interchangeable between the two platforms. 

Pricing: $749

Jabra Enhance Plus

These earbud style OTC hearing aids are not the most discreet hearing aids available but they do offer an enhanced hearing experience. The Jabra Enhance Plus is also easily managed and controlled via an accompanying app, and work to reduce background noise and improve clarity. Unfortunately, these are not compatible with Android devices, and can only be used alongside iPhone and iPad devices.



In Summary

There are multiple great options for you to choose from, including devices that we have left off this list. These are a small selection of devices that offer the best bang for your buck. The most important thing to consider when choosing an OTC hearing aid is to do as much research as you possibly can, and make sure that you are selecting something that offers the features you are looking for while remaining within your budget.

Written by Robert De Wit

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