Hearing loss and having to wear hearing aids does not need to stand in the way of living an active lifestyle. Whether you’re 18 or 80 years old, people with hearing loss who wear a hearing aid should still be able to live the life they love. Here are some tips on how you can find the best hearing aid for sports.


How to Buy the Best Hearing Aid for Sports


When choosing a hearing aid that is suited to your active lifestyle, there are 3 things that you should consider:



A device that isn’t comfortable, or falls out easily, will be an absolute nuisance during sporting activities. Make sure that yours fits snugly in or behind your ear without it feeling loose or uncomfortable.



It’s very important that your hearing aids are moisture and sweat proof. Nano coating is definitely something you want your devices to feature. It protects them against moisture, dirt, dust, and water. If your hearing aids are protected against moisture and sweat damage, their lifespan will almost certainly be preserved, even if you play sport. 


Battery Life

Whether you’re wearing battery-operated or rechargeable, you want to ensure that they can last as long as possible. Choose one that uses long-lasting batteries or that has a portable charging case, that way you can charge yours on the go. 


How to Care for Your Hearing Aid After Playing Sports


Remove Excess Moisture


Moisture is the enemy of a well-functioning hearing aid. Use drying crystals or a dryer to remove excess moisture as soon as possible. You should also put your devices in the dryer or a container with crystals overnight so that they can dry out. 


Replace Damaged Parts


If any domes, tubes, or receiver wires are damaged while you exercise, replace the parts as soon as possible, and don’t use the devices until these parts have been replaced. A damaged hearing aid can damage your hearing. 


Hearing Aid Types that are Suitable for Sports


There are three types of hearing aids that you might find suitable for your sporting activities. Something to keep in consideration is whether or not you will need to wear headgear or anything around your ears. 


Completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids

The benefit of completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids is that they’re one of the smallest types and do not have any tubes or wires that can get hooked on your sporting equipment. They fit snuggly inside your ear canal and are not likely to fall out, if well fitted. CIC hearing aids are best suited to intensive workouts. 


Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids

Behind-the-ear hearing aids are very practical and are best suited to indoor activities that require gentler movement. We do not suggest that you use them for high-impact, vigorous workouts. 


In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids

If you’re looking for a subtle hearing aid that is ideal for sporting activities that require headgear then in-the-ear (ITE) devices are a great option for you. Running and cycling are two activities that you could wear ITE hearing aids for. 


Tip: There’s a great little tool called a hearing aid sport lock that attaches to your devices and helps keep them securely in your ear. It can be purchased on Amazon. 


The Best Hearing Aids for Sports


Lexie Lumen

Lexie Lumen hearing aids are a good option for sports. They feature a sweatproof nano-coating to protect against moisture. Lexie Hearing also includes drying crystals in every box to help remove any excess moisture at the end of the day. Some Lexie Hearing promotional offers also include a hearing aid dryer, so keep an eye out for a great special.


Lexie Powered by Bose


Lexie Powered by Bose hearing aids are water-resistant and can survive light exposure to rain or water. This makes them perfect for playing sports. Batteries also last up to 56 hours, so you can pop in a new pair and know that they won’t fail you. 


Go Hearing Aids

Go hearing aids are a very good option if you’re looking for a hearing aid that is suited to strenuous activity. They are small, in-the-ear devices that arrive ready to wear and can last up to 30 hours with each charge. With customizable buds, they ensure a snug, comfortable fit for most ears. The small charging case is also convenient to carry them in because you can charge them while you’re busy with your sporting activity. 


Get your Go Lite or Go Prime hearing aids here or by phoning (302) 754-3190 and speak to a Go Hearing product expert. 

Written by Lise Oelrich

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